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Azusans Against Mining Expansion

Only NO means NO to:


Canyon City Alliance Busted by the FPPCNO on A Yard Sign
Sierra Club Says NO on Measure A
Destroy Our Mountain? No Way! NO On A YouTube Videos

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Vulcan Materials has spent over $700,000 trying to push through their expanded mining plan. We need your help:

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Documentation of No on A claims:

Read the Development Agreement (Measure A) yourself:

  • Page 6: Vulcan escape clause to get out of micro-benching
  • Page 7: Prepayment of mining taxes by Vulcan
  • Page 8: Required repayments by the City of Azusa should Vulcan cease to mine
  • Page 13: The clause that forgives Vulcan of any past mining tax underpayments

No, you won't find any of this on the Yes on A site!

Vulcan lies is a Scam - Don't believe Vulcan's fliers about our petition. Canyon City Alliance Is also a Scam, being a front for Vulcan Materials and their PR firm.